Outros Campeonatos with a view over the city – photographic exhibition

Exhibition held in Cabrinha’s public space, during the closing party of Outros Campeonatos, on September 9, 2017.

It presents the results obtained at the photography workshop held during the visit to the Águas Livres Aqueduct, which Outros Campeonatos held on March 11, 2017, involving the communities of the neighborhoods of Quinta do Cabrinha, Liberdade and Serafina.





After visiting the neighborhoods of Serafina and Liberdade, where we were warmly welcomed by the Campolide Soma & Segue E6G, project, we were all (Cabrinha, Serafina and Liberty) strolling through the most emblematic monument of the Alcântara valley.

Facing the magnificent view, some disposable cameras were distributed to the group. The proposal was that through the lenses, our young participants could get to know and experience a new point of view where they live. We immediately realized that the act of photographing provided many conversations, not only about the aqueduct, but above all about the territory of the Alcântara valley, and the relations established each day with this territory, memories, experiences and expectations.

The set of images presented here results from a selection of about 120 photographs taken that day. They represent not only a vision about the city, but also about Alcântara, and above all they reflect on the territory. Through the act of photographing, the relations between the communities of Cabrinha, Liberdade and Serafina, and of these with the territory, grew stronger, increasing its geographic and social identification with it.





































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