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The Citizenship Academy’s main goal is to boost active citizenship and the construction of development roots with principles of social, economic and environmental sustainability. Our ambition is to empower people and organizations in the exercise of deepening democracy. Educational, communicative and artistic activities are our areas of intervention. Non-formal education and participative and active research are our methodologies.

Cooperating, we aspire to capacitate as many people as possible by giving them the tools to create their own specific alternatives. We believe that politics concerns each one of us and that to all must be given the means to intervene. We believe that democracy and citizenship aren’t finished in the act of voting. They are a whole construction of politics, tones, gestures, talks, pens, projects and acts. Everyday in our lives!

The Citizenship Academy promotes the human person dignity in its own diversity, multiculturality and interculturality, the deepening of democracy and the construction of a universally free, fair, conscientious, critical thinking, solidary and fraternal society.

The motto of Citizenship Academy was launched by the people who organized the “Geração à rasca” (“distressed generation”) protest, which happened on the 12th of March 2011. This initiative opened a new way of citizen participation in Europe by being convened solely through social networks without any political party or union supports. In that day, hundreds of thousands of people went out in the streets in Portugal and around the World, protesting peacefully, irreverently and creatively. This inspired a series of protests and national and international movements under the name of “Indignados” (15-M / Real Democracy Now) that inspired the “Occupy” worldwide protest. After this, a lot of people have joined the Citizenship Academy, sharing their wish to act beyond the protest.

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