Mapping Cabrinha

Throughout the implementation of the Outros Campeonatos, in the background of the main activities of the project, such as street football games or sustainable touristic visits, a continuous process of collective mapping of the neighborhood of Quinta do Cabrinha was developed.


The developed process aimed to understand the broader and deeper aspects of the neighborhood’s social reality. We wanted to know why people come and use the neighborhood Quinta do Cabrinha, those who live there, but also those who live in the surrounding areas; how the inhabitants of Cabrinha interact with each other and with the spaces and urban resources of the neighborhood and its surroundings; also, how the inhabitants of the neighboring areas relate to Cabrinha and have access to the resources they provide; finally, the immaterial heritage of Cabrinha, the wishes, the vocations and the knowledge of those who live there, the history and the stories that hide, that is, the heritage that forms part of the cultural identity that forms the community of Quinta do Cabrinha today.

Thus, the mappings were carried out in several spaces, such as the main branch of Outros Campeonatos, public places of the neighborhood (courtyards, cafés), public areas outside the neighborhood (District Hall, Romaria de Santo Amaro). They mainly involved the inhabitants of Cabrinha, but also other people, namely inhabitants of other districts of Alcântara and its surroundings.



All three mapping exercises were executed, the results of which can be found on this page:


Although they did not have the public visibility of other activities, collective mapping also allowed us to obtain data that undoubtedly served as a key element for the harmonious development of Outros Campeonatos. The results we obtained over time gave us the opportunity to know and diagnose local problems, as well as to talk about possible solutions, and thus to evaluate and monitor the implementation of Outros Campeonatos. They also provided us with data for future interventions in the neighborhood.

Cabrinha’s mapping work was not completed. We are convinced that this is a work in progress, that must be continued. For we know of the importance of continuing to raise the tip of the veil that still today covers improbable stories, unexpected events, mysteries that are part of what this community is, its past, present and future.

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