“Outros Campeonatos” in the air

We closed with a golden key. The last scheduled visit (which in no way means the end of the tours we so much enjoy doing) of this phase of “Outros Campeonatos” was last Saturday.

We visited the Dá-te ao Condado E6G project, in the Condado neighborhood, in Chelas, promoted by the Guinean Association of Social Solidarity – Aguinenso. We are already looking a bit suspicious of repeating it, but we are always so welcome.

Take the Cabrinha to know new cultures, to visit points of the city that are not part of the touristic routes and meet people who, within their otherness, have points in common with us and our way of being. This is what we are always looking for with these visits.

When we met with the “Dá-te ao Condado E6G” staff we were not expecting to have such an active day, honestly. As soon as they told us about “a demonstration of what we are preparing, we have a dance group,” the smiles were general.

Before that, we went to know a wonderful space in the heart of the zone, the Horticultural Park of the Chelas valley. It is a project of the Municipality of Lisbon, which creates a very interesting contrast between the architecture that surrounds the space and the urban gardens.



We stopped there to get to know each other better and relax between laughs and games in the playground.




We proceeded to the Library of Marvila, an impressive equipment, where a room for the activities of the “Dá-te ao Condado E6G” is made available.

Kuduro. We watched it and we danced it, and how good it was. The images show that. In this case they are worth more. Everybody seems to be shy but that was gone later!




We continued, in order to have lunch at the Parque das Nações. We talked about the place where we were, what there was and what there is after Expo 98. And why many of the things that we could interact with are related to water.



Then, and as always we do in “Outros Campeonatos”, it was time for street football. As it should be, taking advantage of public space and for all who wanted to participate! The folks at the “Outros Campeonatos” and “Dá-te ao Condado E6G” took care of the lawn and there they went, like the pros.




To close the day we went all to the “Pavilhão do Conhecimento”.

And it could not be more on purpose. Exhibits and experiences about how we see, to build objects that levitate, make things light, and bicycles to cross the air like the one who flies. We fed ourselves with a bit of this all, even if metaphorically.


We are eternally grateful to be received in these places. Now it is our turn to receive you. Here we will be with open arms. See you soon!


P.S. – We have to thank the Town Council of Alcântara for the transport. Without them, all this would not be possible.

Outros Campeonatos is a project by Academia Cidadã, that aims to promote active citizenship in Quinta do Cabrinha, Alcântara.

Funded by BIP/ZIP from the Municipality of Lisbon with the partnership of District Hall of Alcântara, the youth group “Winds of Change”, the National Association of Street Football and the Lisbon Sustainable Tourism.

Outros Campeonatos will contribute for the social fortification of the neighborhood, promoting community organization, capacity for local initiative and greater democratic awareness. It will also promote an opening of the neighborhood to society in general, reinforcing its integrity in the city. The main strategies of action will be street football and tourism. Street football events draw the inhabitants of the neighborhood to intervene and participate in its organization and implementation – with facilitation of tools and processes of organized citizen participation. Tourism helps rethinking the neighborhood, opening the community to new citizenship experiences.

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