“Outros Campeonatos” with a view over the city

It was a great Saturday, the 3rd visit of “Outros Campeonatos”.

This time we stayed near but we still walked a lot.

We went to visit the Campolide Soma & Segue E6G project, being held in the neighborhoods of Liberdade and Serafina. There was street football, as usual. We got to know the activities of “Some & Segue” and we were fascinated by the music production studio and the videoclips they made. This is also why we go out, not only to get to know places, realities and new people, but to seek ideas and learn ways of thinking and acting different from ours. Looking at others helps us look at ourselves.



We had lunch in a garden with a very nice view of the Vale de Alcântara, a result of a project, similarly to ours, financed by the BIP/ZIP program.


Then we continued to Campolide, to visit the Águas Livres aqueduct. We crossed the valley to the opposite side, since Serafina is a neighborhood that is underneath the Aqueduct, but opposite to the tourist entrance.

It was a yo-yo visit. We saw Serafina with feet firmly on the ground and then we went to look like a bird and recognize the places where we had been chatting and playing football a few hours before. On the way, we had disposable analog cameras to take pictures of the landscape. Ideia of Lisbon Sustainable Tourism, tireless partner in these wanderings, of course. In time (as technology requires) we’ll show the results.



We have already said that these are always good days, and it is true.

On the 25th there will be more and we will be here to tell you how it was.

See you soon!

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