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We continue the series of partners’ articles.

Since we do not want to make this a thing about ourselves, we do not have much to add to it.

The words of Lisbon Sustainable Tourism are as follows:


After another tour around Lisbon with the project “Outros Campeonatos”, a phase of great importance, in our opinion, ends. Ends in order to start other phases. And we are not referring only to the visits of new friends and partners to Quinta do Cabrinha, already scheduled for the coming months, but also to other moments and initiatives that will arise with the will to continue to know and enjoy all the resources that our city has to offer.
Lisbon Sustainable Tourism will always be available and will continue to work so that these and other young people (kids and adults) have access to their city, so that they can learn, know their historical and cultural heritage, or just to enjoy the views of our belvederes, open horizons and break isolation.
After four walks through different zones and districts of the district of Lisbon we had the opportunity to visit neighborhoods as diverse as Cova da Moura, Bairro Padre Cruz, Bairro do Condado or Bairro Alto. We saw the Alcântara Valley from the Águas Livre Acquedute, we passed by some of the most historical streets of Lisbon where Revolutions or Inquisitions happened, we played football in the neighborhoods where we passed, in “Jardim do Príncipe Real” and “Parque das Nações”, we danced Kuduro, visited vegetable gardens, exhibitions … We knew, we shared, we explored.
These four walks leave good memories in the Quinta do Cabrinha and in all participants of this project. But not from only memories will be made this project but also from the will and energy that will arise to continue learning and doing.
From everything we have seen, other experiences, other projects, other initiatives, from painted murals to planted gardens, we hope that cooperation and willingness stays in the neighborhood so that what has happened so far is just the beginning.
Only this way in the smiles we share and in the photos that show those smiles the message may be present: Quinta do Cabrinha neighborhood will be the Champion of this championship.















To Lisbon Sustainable Tourism, our great, big thank you for all that we have done so far together. You have been tireless and a source of good inexhaustible goodwill.

See you soon!

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