Master Class “City Making and Tourism Gentrification”

April 15 – 22 I Mouraria, Lisbon

The project “Tourism Gentrification and City-making” is promoted by Stadslab (Fontys – University of Applied Sciences, Tilburg, NL), in partnership with Academia Cidadã.

The objectives of the Master Class are to provide insight into the impact of mass tourism on public space, urban development and the daily urban life of the citizens in Lisbon and to develop alternative scenarios for a more balanced urban development to avoid excessive real estate speculation, social and economic segregation, lack of accessible urban services and public space and disappearance of affordable housing. The intervention area of the Master Class will be the district of Mouraria.


April 18 I 12h00 I Centro de Inovação da Mouraria

Lecture: Placemaking and Sustainable Urban Development, by Igor Marko, Marko&Placemakers London


Relationship to a place is often disrupted through social, political or economic forces with direct impact on the built environment. As designers, we have the power to invent and develop narratives beyond the physical space to integrate users and communities into the process of city making.

The lecture will focus on the role of placemaking as a catalyst for lasting and sustainable growth. Placemaking is about understanding the complex layers of the city, linking them in unexpected ways and creating new narratives to allow curiosity and desire to interlace with the physical space, both existing and new. In this experiential design process, the role of the placemaker is that of a creator, bringing new ideas, as well as a mediator, linking existing processes and people. The lecture will highlight specific case studies and tools that can instigate sense of ownership and relationship to the place.

The seminar will be in English.

Igor Marko is co-founder and director of Marko&Placemakers, a London based design consultancy for cities based on transformational principles of placemaking and green urbanism. We are a team of urban designers, researchers and architects with a combination of skills in city design, urban strategies, development frame­works, masterplanning and communication. Marko&Placemakers is part of a growing wave of new urban practices that fundamentally shift from a product-focused to a process-based urbanism.


April 22 I 17h00 I Secretaria Geral do Ministério da Administração Interna

Public presentation of the results of the Master Class


This session will be opened by a speach of the Councilman Manuel Salgado. The results of the Master Class will be presented. To conclude, a debate opened to the audience will be promoted.

The session will be in English.

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