Free Cinema: “Bye bye Barcelona” I Cine Café Touristification

“Barcelona? A theme park. “

This is how the documentary that will pass in the next session of Cine-Café touristification starts, on April 19, at 21h30, in Lisboa Vadia.

Bye bye Barcelona is the documentary outburst of Eduardo Chibás on mass tourism, where it is debated the relationship between the local life and tourists.

Borned in Caracas, Venuzuela, Chibás assumes that he never met the Ramblas of people from Barcelona. He lives, however, long enough to feel the negative impacts of touristification of which is the 4th most visited city in Europe, after London, Rome and Paris, and the leader in the number of cruises that receives from the continent and the Mediterranean. This phenomenon has greatly affected the dwindling number of residents of the center of a city increasingly expensive.

Many of the approximately 30,000 tourists who arrive daily in cruises in the city of Barcelona do not see how people live. Instead, they consume what exists everywhere.

What did they do to small businesses?

“Tourism can be a source of wealth, but if we do not realizing it well, it is no more than a prostitution of our territory.”

Barcelona has left people lose the right to public space and the right to the city, for the benefit of tourists. What can we do as citizens to prevent the same from happening in Lisbon? One thing is certain: it is urgent that we promote a more sustainable tourism, an idea that also accompanies us in this film.

Because we all like to be tourists, we just need more awareness. And that’s what gives us Bye bye Barcelona.

Following the film a short discussion will be held with the presence of Jordi Nofre, researcher Barceloni in touristification and Patrícia Pereira, a researcher in gentrification.
They will also be shown, at the Cine CaféTouristification, the following films:

17 May – The Goose with the golden eggs (Costa Rica)
21 Jun – Vendemmia (Italy)

Furthermore, the Citizen Academy, develops, in partnership with Stadslab (Fontys University of Applied Science fromTilburg , Netherlands), the Master Class “Tourism Gentrification and City-making” between 15 to 22 April, with the main objective of producing solutions in urban planning area to avoid situations of social and economic exclusion and having as an intervention area the Mouraria neighbourhood.
This Master Class is aimed at young professionals from urban areas, urban design or architecture. Interested parties should visit our website for more information and registration.

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