Mapping the senses in Cabrinha

First exercise of the mapping process developed by Outros Campeonatos in the Quinta do Cabrinha neighborhood.


We wanted to know what were the zones of sensorial comfort /discomfort of the district of Quinta do Cabrinha. So, the task was to identify these zones on the neighborhood map, using eight different symbols.



This exercise involved exclusively the inhabitants of Quinta do Cabrinha and was carried out individually. Here are some examples of the answers given:



The results obtained from 52 responses were as follows:


Green Mouth / Red Mouth

For the Green Mouth symbol, participants gave the meaning of “good food”, “good talk” and “good fellowship”.

To the Red Mouth symbol there were given meanings, such as “people screaming on the balconies of buildings”, “discussions”, “aggressive talk”.


Green Nose / Red Nose

The Green Nose epresented for the participants “cleaned spaces” and “green spaces”.

The Red Nose as been associated with “junk”, “dog droppings”, “grill smoke”, “dirt” and “bad smell”.


Green Eye / Red Eye

In the Green Eye some meanings were attributed, such as “children playing ball”, “sharing areas”, “communication spaces”, “people to hang out with”, “beautiful buildings”, “spaces with unexplored potential”, “pleasant places to be” and “security”.

The following meanings were attributed to the Red Eye: “car presence,” “garbage,” “vandalized equipment,” “dog litter,” “lack of equipment”, “poorly maintained spaces,” “local associations that do not provide services for the unhabitants”, “degraded walls”,”bad gardening”,”police inefficiency” and “lack of security”.


Green Ear/ Red Ear

The Green Ear represented to the inhabitants of Cabrinha “good music” and “good conversation with the neighbors”.

To the Red Ear were given meanings such as “a lot of traffic [automobile]”, “noise, especially at night”, “very loud music”.

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