The talks to deconstruct extreme-rigths arguments #nuncamais TALKS

On the third Tuesday every month, the Citizenship Academy will organise the #nuncamais [#neveragain] Talks, with questions based on a prejudice, stereotype or scapegoat theory propagated by neo-fascist movements. At 21h30, the “Com-Calma – Espaço Cultural” in Benfica, Lisbon will host the conversations, which will also be streamed live in our Facebook page by the PTRevolutionTV collective and later converted to podcast.

Roma people do not want to integrate? Is “gender ideology” destroying the traditional family? Is Climate Change an invention? Do feminists hate men? Does political correctness limit free speech? These are some of the questions we’ll invite participants to answer.

“We want to deconstruct simplistic discourses, that generate fear and hatred, therefore preventing the growth of neo-fascist movements in Portugal”, tells Joana Dias, from the Citizenship Academy.

“The first #nuncamais talk will be held the 19th of November 2019. ‘Does the lack of housing contribute to the growth of far-right?’ is the initial question to our invitee Antonio Gori from Coletivo Habita!”, informed Leonor Duarte from Morar em Lisboa and Citizenship Academy, and the moderator of this conversation.

“The only conversation that did not took place on the third Tuesday of the month happened on the 10th of December 2019, the Human Rights Day. The subject was: ‘Are refugees invading us?’ and will count with the presence of the activist Miguel Duarte, who is being prosecuted for helping illegal emigration while saving people from drowning in the Mediterranean”, says Joana Dias from Citizenship Academy.

“We wanted to innovate, both in the subjects and the format. The example is set by the talk ‘Are we Portuguese not racist?’, on the 18th of February 2020. We’ll answer the challenge posed by a non-white person, who confessed being tired of debates where white people ask her how not to be racist. Assuming this is the behaviour of the large majority, and in order to debate strategies for non-discrimination of minorities, this time the person invited will be white: André Amálio, actor and director. The active moderation will be carried by Mamadou Ba, from SOS Racismo”, explains João Labrincha, from the Citizenship Academy.

“These talks are part of the #nuncamais Campaign, which envisions the creation of mutual cooperation partnerships between activists, associations and political parties, training sessions with politicians and journalists, as well as advocacy and public opinion awareness initiatives, for which we’re looking for funding”, advances Francisco Venes, one of Citizenship Academy’s founders.

“Fascismo #nuncamais (25 de abril sempre)!” “Fascism #neveragain (25th of April forever!)” is the motto of this campaign, which aims to value and strengthen democracy, identifying, deconstructing and eliminating antidemocratic practices


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