10 years of Citizenship Academy – Community Building

From the 10 years of activity of the Citizen Academy, we highlight the community activities of the projects ‘Colored Ball,’ ‘Other Championships,’ and ‘Reinvented World Map.'”

Colored Ball – Community intervention project involving youth aged 6 to 30 in situations of social vulnerability, using street soccer as a means of integration.

A total of 256 training sessions were conducted in the neighborhoods of Horta Nova and Cabrinha, along with 38 activities for intercultural exchange and various street soccer games, tournaments, and theoretical training sessions.

The main partner was the National Street Football Association.

Other Championships – Community empowerment project in the neighborhood where the Citizen Academy is located, Quinta do Cabrinha. It used street soccer and sustainable tourism to achieve three objectives: community building, enhancement of public space, and opening the community to the surroundings. The project involved various partners, including the Alcântara Parish Council, the National Street Football Association, Lisbon Sustainable Tourism, the youth group “Ventos de Mundança,” the Sporting Foundation, and the National Street Football Association, engaging dozens of young people.

Reinvented World Map – Art intervention project that took place in Marvila Velha, Lóios neighborhood, and PRODAC neighborhood, in theaters, classrooms, local shops, streets, and social networks. The project involved more than 30 partners and established strong collaborations with some local groups (both institutional and informal), as well as a closer connection to the community, especially in the areas/neighborhoods of Marquês de Abrantes, Alfinetes, and Lóios.

In 2022, on May 15th, the Citizen Academy celebrated its 10th anniversary and revisited all 16 activities carried out in terms of awareness, community work, networking, and mobilization. Over these ten years, the Citizen Academy engaged with 113 partners, and activities took place in various countries such as Portugal, Romania, Austria, Spain, Georgia, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy. The activities were diverse, ranging from talks, masterclasses, film screenings, public sessions, demonstrations, street soccer projects, and documentaries.

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