10 years of Citizenship Academy – Networking 1

From the 10 years of activity at Citizenship Academy, we highlight the networking efforts in the area of “Right to Housing,” the “LGBTI+ Pride March in Lisbon,” and the “European Civic Forum.”

Right to Housing – “Cities in Transition” and the “Living in Lisbon” movement – The “Cities in Transition” project was based on exchange of experiences about local grassroots initiatives among project partners, organizations from five European cities: Amsterdam, Bucharest, Berlin, London, and Lisbon, with events held in Amsterdam and Bucharest. The “Living in Lisbon” movement, in which Citizenship Academy participated for three years, involved over thirty associations and more than a dozen researchers from various fields. It played a crucial role in putting the right to housing and the right to the city on the agenda of the media and authorities, leading to the creation of the Secretary of State for Housing and the drafting of the Basic Law on Housing. The movement had activities in Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

LGBTI+ Pride March: Citizenship Academy was part of the organizing committee for the Lisbon LGBTI+ Pride March for five years. We provided significant administrative support, serving as the treasurer for the march.

European Civic Forum (ECF): The ECF is a pan-European network of over 110 associations, platforms, and NGOs in 29 European countries. It includes large federations deeply rooted in local, national, and international circles, national NGO platforms uniting hundreds of thousands of NGOs, human rights advocacy and campaign organizations, as well as smaller groups working at the community level or engaging with the public on local issues. Citizenship Academy is a member and has been part of the platform’s board for several years.

In 2022, on May 15th, Citizenship Academy celebrated its 10th anniversary, revisiting all 16 activities in terms of awareness, community work, networking, and mobilization. Over these ten years, Citizenship Academy engaged with 113 partners, and activities took place in various countries, including Portugal, Romania, Austria, Spain, Georgia, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy. The activities were diverse, ranging from talks, masterclasses, film screenings, public sessions, demonstrations, street football projects, and documentaries.

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“Living in Lisbon”:  https://www.facebook.com/moraremlisboa.cartaaberta

“Cities in Transition”: https://academiacidada.org/category/o-que-fazemos/fazemos/gentrificacao/nova-europa-cidades-em-transicao/

LGBTI+ Pride March: https://academiacidada.org/category/o-que-fazemos/fazemos/marcha-do-orgulho-lgbt-lisboa/

European Civic Forum (ECF): https://civic-forum.eu/ | https://academiacidada.org/tag/forum-civico-europeu/

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