10 years of Citizenship Academy – Community Building and Mobilization

From the 10 years of activity of the Citizen Academy, we highlight the community and mobilization activities of the projects ‘How to Occupy a River’ and ‘Red Line’.”

How to Squat a River – Using the Jamor River as a case study, this project aimed to study and develop ways for a community to enhance its sustainable relationship with the river, encompassing economic, social, and environmental aspects.

Red Line – The project involved knitting against oil and gas exploration in Portugal, aiming to bring together activists and non-activists for climate justice to knit Red Lines against fossil fuel exploitation in Portugal. Over four years, more than two thousand people knitted 1200 meters of Red Line, involving 46 partners from across the country and some international ones in over 100 events nationwide, excluding Madeira. The project successfully achieved its objectives as all contracts for fossil fuel exploration in Portugal were canceled.

In 2022, on May 15th, the Citizen Academy celebrated its 10th anniversary and revisited all 16 activities carried out in terms of awareness, community work, networking, and mobilization. Over these ten years, the Citizen Academy engaged with 113 partners, and activities took place in various countries such as Portugal, Romania, Austria, Spain, Georgia, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy. There were numerous diverse activities, including discussions, masterclasses, film screenings, public sessions, demonstrations, street soccer projects, and documentaries.

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