Youth Exchange – Tolerance, Acceptance and Understanding (Rustavi, Georgia)

Rustavi, Georgia| 4th – 11th April 2019


The project “Tolerance, Acceptance, Understanding” is initiated by the Civil Development and Research Institute, Georgian non-governmental organization that was approached by the group of ethnic minority youth with the intention to tackle the problem of intolerance in the society and fight for the social inclusion. The project idea is to bring the ethnic minority youth from Europe and beyond together with their fellow citizens in a multicultural environment to share the experiences and increase the tolerance and understanding between young people to show that the diversity provides advantages rather than threats to European societies.

The methodology for the activities is set in a manner to achieve the maximum engagement of all participants. It includes the discussions, simulation games, team-building, group works, communication and networking workshops, performances, story-telling and other activities. The participants through the discussions, brainstorming, outdoor activities will raise awareness of the tolerance and importance of the understanding among the nations while through the simulation games, group works overcome the ethnic stereotypes and prejudices as well as explore what would it be like to grow up in another culture. The ice-breakers, energizers, games will help participants to enhance the communication skills and self confidence in a multicultural environment.


  1. Increase the sense of tolerance among ethnically diverse young
  2. Shift the perceptions of the tolerance among the youth with diverse backgrounds;
  3. Discover the advantages of tolerance and understanding between cultures;
  4. Minimize the conflicts based on intolerance and acceptance between cultures.


We gathered seven organizations with the common interest and vision from the EU member and partner countries – Portugal, Spain, Macedonia, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and Georgia. The target group of the project is young people who are 18 to 30 years-old from ethnic minority groups as well as youngsters with fewer opportunities/privileges.

There are 6 places for participants residing in Portugal. 1 Team-Leader and 5 Youngsters from 18 to 30 years-old.

Working language will be English.

This project is supported by the ERASMUS + program. Thus, all costs related to travel, accommodation and food during the activity will be fully funded.

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