Log Book I Day 4 I How to squat a river

Lost in the woods

Just outside Belas we found a path through the middle of some squatter gardens.


Regarding the gardens, because of their large size and so well walled they were, we keep thinking that this occupation has been done for a long time. Unfortunately, we did not find anyone with whom we could confirm this suspicion. The path led us up the river Jamor, practically to the area of Lisbon Sports Club, well into Serra da Carregueira.



It did not feel like we were 5 minutes away from the city. Always seeing infrastructures that we identified as belonging to the Águas Livres Aqueduct (yes, what ends up in the Amoreiras, in Lisbon), we walked through the middle of nature. We saw how the terrain is rocky, confirming what Natalina had explained to us on day 1.

The gardens were already behind, here nature was already expressing itself with greater freedom: several species of trees and shrubs (plantains, eucalyptus, holm oaks, olive trees, palm trees, ferns, cane fields, brambles with blackberries, etc, etc); many insects, the ones that attracted us most were the dragonflies; we also saw water mines; the ruins of an ancient road, probably from the time of the aqueduct (18th century). And the river. The Jamor.




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