Log Book I Day 3 I How to squat a river

The Jamor, the mines and the golf

We made the usual visit to Natália, before we went to see Henrique.


We visited Minas do Brejo (Brejo Mines) and immediately realized its importance in Mr. Henrique’s family economy: watering the agricultural culture, watering animals and, in the past, a source of water for all. The mines also began to help in leisure, when near two of them Mr. Henrique built a space for meals and rest.



Then we went to the Lisbon Sports Club in Belas, where Nuno, the greenskeeper of the golf course, was waiting for us in his buggy. He was ready to take us for a walk along the portion of the River Jamor that runs on the club property. He informed us that they are doing a regular cleaning and maintenance work on the banks, taking advantage of the river as one of the obstacles in the practice of golf. In the winter, it is also the river that gives him many headaches, when it goes over the banks and floods the field. But the river gives a special touch to the field, much admired by those who play there.


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