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Rabat, Malta| 22nd- 28th April 2019 DESCRIPTION Life on a screen: Understanding Millennial Training Course will be addressing the gap which exists between young people and Youth Workers working within the non-formal sector of education. Young people are being brought up in an environment which is fast, instant and customizable. Therefore, they are being used to environments which are constantly engaging and stimulating. When young people are given something which is less attractive and engaging they have the tendency to turn back to their smart phones. It is very difficult for youth workers to compete with such environments where young people are continuously being stimulated. Therefore, the best way forward is not to compete, but to learn from what is happening on social media and adapt these characteristics and infuse them in the working methods used by youth workers. The Millennials are those born after 1985, thus they grew up in […]

Training Course – Life on Screen: Understanding Millennials (Rabat, Malta)