10th anniversary of Academia Cidadã talking about journalism and security

The Citizenship Academy celebrated its 10th anniversary on May 15th and, in partnership with “Setenta e Quatro”, we talked online around the question “do we live in the safest country in the world or in the one on CMTV?”

The Citizenship Academy motto was launched by the people who organized the Geração à Rasca (Distressed Generation) Protest, on March 12, 2011, which inaugurated a new form of citizen participation in Europe, by being called on social media and without party or institutional support.

Just over a year later, on May 15, 2012, the Citizenship Academy was registered, with the aim of boosting active citizenship and building roots of development with principles of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

The anniversary celebration will take place next Tuesday, at 9:30 pm, in a conversation broadcast live on Citizenship Academy Facebook. Participation will be open to the public, through this link.

The organization of the last session of the second season of #neveragain Talks, which aims to dismantle fallacious arguments from the far right, takes place in partnership with the digital information project Setenta e quatro. Guests will be Cláudia Marques Santos, freelance journalist, and Ana Rita Alves, anthropologist. And, moderating, Ricardo Cabral Fernandes (Journalist at Setenta e Quatro) and João Biscaia (essays editor at Setenta e Quatro).

#neveragain Talks is one of the activities of the #neveragain campaign to value and strengthen democracy, identifying and deconstructing anti-democratic practices and speeches. With each conversation we pose a new question, based on a prejudice conveyed by far-right movements, we reflect and find strategies to dismantle discriminatory, xenophobic and simplistic discourses. April 25th always, fascism #neveragain!

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