10 year of Citizenship Academy

On May 15, 2022, Citizenship Academy turned 10 years old and revisited all 16 activities it carried out in terms of awareness raising, community work, networking and mobilization. Over these ten years, Citizenship Academy involved 113 partners and activities took place in several countries such as Portugal, Romania, Austria, Spain, Georgia, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy. There were countless activities of a varied nature, from conversations, masterclasses, film screenings, public sessions, demonstrations, street football projects and documentaries.

The Citizenship Academy’s motto was launched by the people who organized the Geração à Rasca (Distressed Generation) Protest, held on March 12, 2011, an initiative that inaugurated a new form of citizen participation in Europe, by being called on social media and without any partisan support or unions. On May 15, 2012, Citizenship Academy was registered with the aim of boosting active citizenship and building roots of development with principles of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

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