10 years of Citizenship Academy – Raising Awareness 1

From our 10 years of activity at Citizenship Academy, we highlight the awareness-raising efforts of “Coffees with a scent of democracy” and “Joining Hands for Public Water.”

“Coffee with a scent of democracy” involved conversations/debates and screenings of documentaries/films on various topics such as touristification/gentrification, international trade treaties, and climate issues, along with the Masterclass “City Making and Tourism Gentrification” and the Open Letter “Living in Lisbon.”

“Joining Hands for Public Water” was a European Citizenship initiative (citizen’s law proposal) advocating for universal rights to water and sanitation in the European Union. We gathered around 14,000 signatures in Portugal, falling short of about 2,000 signatures to reach the national goal.

In 2022, on May 15th, Citizenship Academy celebrated its 10th anniversary, revisiting all 16 activities in terms of awareness, community work, networking, and mobilization. Over these ten years, Citizenship Academy engaged with 113 partners, and activities took place in various countries, including Portugal, Romania, Austria, Spain, Georgia, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy. The activities were diverse, ranging from talks, masterclasses, film screenings, public sessions, demonstrations, street football projects, and documentaries.

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