Workshop: Empower » Change

Date: 19 march

Time: 11h30-15h

Pressing issues mark the present days and it’s very important that we all know what they are about and how can we contribute to solve them. We know there are a lot of people that have good ideas and realize what gaps there are in our society.

Here at Citizenship Academy (CA) we want to give people tools and help them to take action. We would also like to introduce more people to the CA.

 We are looking for students and other interested citizens in taking part in projects that want to improve democratic society. The main goal of what we do is to empower citizens to take more action in the defense and exercise of their rights and democratic values and to be more conscious about what is happening in society. This workshop will be also a fun way to open your eyes and make you look at ‘problems’ in a more positive way. Therefore, this workshop aims to introduce CA and possibly to recruit active citizens.

Registration form is available till 15th march at:

Limit of participants: 10 (note: in case of more people interested, a suchlike event will be done again).


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