Cabrinha’s voices – Q&A results

November 19 was the  Other Championships’ briefing, a Citizenship’s Academy project that is supported by the Lisbon City Council’s BIP / ZIP, and developed in partnership with Alcântara Parish Council, “Ventos de Mundança” (Winds Of Change) Youth Group, National Street Soccer Association and Lisbon Sustainable Tourism.

Amongst other community actions, “Vozes do Cabrinha” (Cabrinha Voices) presented the  results obtained, through community consultation, during the first month’s project.


Q&A results

Q&A were carried out that sought to know the inhabitants opinions concerning “citizen participation and community organization”, as well as the neighbourhood’s public and common spaces positive and negative aspects. 53 people were interviewed randomly:




1st question:
Taking into account my living expirience in the neighborhood, I’ve got an active role in Cabrinha’s community


Notice that most consider having an active role in the neighbourhood, namely, participating in local associations /organizations, or promoting mutual aid. The ones who said they didn’t, also said they’d like to have.


2nd question:
Are you aware of a residents group here in Cabrinha?


Most said there’s no organized citizens group in this neighbourhood, but they agreed it should exist. Many said that at Casal Ventoso (former neighbourhood) there was a Residents Association.


3rd Question:
It feels good to be in Cabrinha’s public space



Most feel good in Cabrinha’s public space. The main reasons given were the existing community links, as well as the activities carried out by local associations.

The ones who said they feel bad in Cabrinha’s public space, pointed out the lack of hygiene and safety, in the first place, the conflicts between people, secondly, and the lack of maintenance and preservation of the Neighborhood’s equipment, third.


4th Question:
At Cabrinha I find everything I need


Most answered that in Cabrinha many things are missing. The most quoted were local trade, health and educational services (school support for children and adult literacy classes). It has also been reported lack of hygiene, safety and community organization.


5th Question
I often see outsiders coming to visit Cabrinha


As for the outsiders, the respondents said those ones mainly come to visit family and friends, first, to participate in associations’ activities, secondly, and to participate in community events and official visits, in the third place, in this case referring to the government or the presidency.


6th Question
I’d wished the associations working here had a greater community bond


Concerning associations’ work in this neighbourhood, most agreed that it should be developed, especially the ones not working directly with the community. More social support was requested, first, more community-based activities in the second place, and more community-organizing activities in the third place.

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