Outros Campeonatos_The Pre-Season of the Championship

The project “Outros Campeonatos” is starting!

Outros Campeonatos is a project that began in October 2016, promoted by Academia Cidadã (Citizenship Academy) and financed by the program BIP/ZIP by Lisbon’s Town Hall, implemented in Quinta do Cabrinha, a public housing neighborhood in Alcântara – Lisbon. Has as formal partners Alcântara’s Parish Council, the small youthful group of Cabrinha “Ventos de Mudança” (Winds of Change), the Street Football Nacional Association and the Lisbon Sustainable Tourism.

“The Pre-Season of the Championship” is the first activity of Outros Campeonatos. It presents Outros Campeonatos to the community and establishes the organization of the whole project. Straight contact begins with the population that already plays on the streets, through the Ventos de Mudança: creation of empathy, understanding problems and opinions. People are captivated to partake in the project. Through the development of auscultation actions, it is aimed to comprehend how are the internal relationships of the neighborhood, what kind of relationship between the population and the common public spaces and the relationship with the rest of the city.


Questionnaires application


We started by applying questionnaires to the population, which helped us to understand their opinions regarding active citizenship and the community organization in the neighborhood, as well as the positive and negative aspects of the public and common spaces of the neighborhood. Through these questionnaires we sought to understand what kind of relationship the community has with the local associations and with the city of Lisbon.


O Cabrinha Que Queremos – The Cabrinha that we want


We wanted to know what the inhabitants of Cabrinha would change in their neighborhood, and make it more welcoming. More benches, trees, a community garden? This action corresponded to the start of a group reflection, where people, gathering ideas, scenery and words, had the opportunity to show what they’d like to change in the neighborhood, bringing in ideas to value the public space of Cabrinha.


(O bom do Cabrinha é ______! – The good of Cabrinha is_________!)


In this action we aimed to identify the most valued aspects of the neighborhood and at the same time to promote the community’s self-esteem. We asked people to complete the sentence that Sara (picture above) is holding, and let themselves be photographed with their statement.


But the Pre-Season of the Championship is (also) a party. Likewise, the Outros Campeonatos will be publicly launched November’s 19, in Quinta do Cabrinha, between 3pm and 6pm. All the prepared material will be presented, announcing the project to the community of Cabrinha, and to the population in general, as well as the activities that will partake. There will be food, drinks, guests and other surprise activities that are being prepared alongside the community.

Obviously, everyone is invited!

Confirm your presence in the event’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/410072339381692/

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