Direiros Humanos

On the 10th of December of 2018, the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was celebrated. On this day, in Lisbon, the Citizenship Academy promoted the meeting of representatives of more than 20 organizations of the Civil Society of Portugal. This event, “No Day Without Us”, was an initiative of the European Civic Forum, which mobilized several European organizations to celebrate the 70’s Human Rights through the promotion of online activities and events throughout Europe in December 2018. In Lisbon, “NoDayWithoutUs” happened at EKA Palace (Vila Maria Luísa) and was attended by the following organizations: Ansol – Associação Nacional para o Software Livre ALEM – Associação Literatura, Literacia e Mediação APAC Portugal APAV – Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima Associação bué fixe Associação Cabelos Brancos CulturFACE Cuntroll Zine D3 – Direitos Digitais Pro Bono – Ajuda Legal Fumaça GAT Portugal Habita Humans Before Borders Las Piteadas Projecto Crescer Transparência e […]

Looking Back: No Day Without Us – 70 Years of Human Rights – 10th December

Call for Organisations (Portuguese Civil Society)   As part of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Civic Forum (ECF) is mobilising itself! NO DAY WITHOUT US is a set of simultaneous actions that aim to disseminate the impact of many civil society collectives working on the protection of human rights. This set of actions will take place in various parts of Europe on December 18, 2018. The actions are being organised by ECF member organisations. They aim not only to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but also to raise awareness of the importance of civil society in defending what this document represents. As a member organisation, the Citizenship Academy is responsible for organising the action in Lisbon. In order to promote the impact of civil society in Portugal, we plan to facilitate an event where members of various […]