The internship ended but it’s here to stay

I know I promised to write before. But there was so much work I didn’t have the time. Look at our Facebook page and confirm that there was no time to stop.

We have reached the end of five intense days of sharing and conviviality. Of learning and bonding.



These days were, almost, too full. The bonds between all grew like roots at blazing speed, and in the end nobody wanted to leave.

There was a lot of work going on in all the workshops. From the kitchen to the theatre there was a bit of everything. The workshops went really well, I can say that the food that came from them was delicious. And the theatre? It was intense and sincere, had the ability to put everyone thinking about the difficulties they face in everyday life. And we’ve got boxes that now have a new life, and how useful they’ll be, thanks to upcycling.

It is gratifying to see everyone’s efforts result in such good and serious things.

Between work and fun, nights of little sleep and swimming in the pool, everything will be kept in memory.



Like a seed that has been planted, it is up to continue to work and see the work and all these people grow. Let us hope that the incubator of action that we have developed continues in each project and that it bears its fruits.

The messages that Jorge Pina and Bruno Gomes left to everyone in the conversations we had will resonate in our minds for a long time, we are sure. It is inspiring to see so much hope and availability.

To all who participated, we thank, without reservation, all that they gave.

The people from Dá-te ao Condado – E6G and from Associação Nacional de Futebol de Rua are forever connected to Quinta do Cabrinha.

To Cris, Maria João and Judite, our eternal thanks for the work they have done with everyone. They were tireless and exemplary.

To Carlos and Miguel, the community leaders of the Dá-te ao Condado – E6G and the Associção Nacional de Futebol de Rua, respectively, a huge hug for all the help in the organization.

Our thanks to the Spin Association for receiving us.

We’ll enter the weekend with the fatigue that an athlete feels at the end of a competition. That mixture of pain and joy.

Now it’s time to go to bed with a smile and to think of everything that happened.

More will come. Let’s continue.

See ya soon!

Outros Campeonatos is a project by Academia Cidadã, that aims to promote active citizenship in Quinta do Cabrinha, Alcântara.

Funded by BIP/ZIP from the Municipality of Lisbon with the partnership of District Hall of Alcântara, the youth group “Winds of Change”, the National Association of Street Football and the Lisbon Sustainable Tourism.

Outros Campeonatos will contribute for the social fortification of the neighborhood, promoting community organization, capacity for local initiative and greater democratic awareness. It will also promote an opening of the neighborhood to society in general, reinforcing its integrity in the city. The main strategies of action will be street football and tourism. Street football events draw the inhabitants of the neighborhood to intervene and participate in its organization and implementation – with facilitation of tools and processes of organized citizen participation. Tourism helps rethinking the neighborhood, opening the community to new citizenship experiences.

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