Condado (the County) in Alcântara

The visits continue and Quinta do Cabrinha received (and well, as always) another group of guests on the past Saturday.

The Dá-te ao Condado (give yourself to the county) project, from the old J zone of Chelas, now “Bairro do Condado”, came to visit the “Outros Campeonatos” and Quinta do Cabrinha for another day of activities.

Street football set the tone for the day, on a morning of rushing and gambling. Games were played between the two neighborhoods and then everyone was mixed. Street football is a way of creating links and relationships. In addition to making us look at ourselves and others within a group, playing with people we still do not know compels us to evaluate how we relate with each other.



These Saturday visits always follow the same script, and anyone who has read the other articles on any of them knows that Um Outro Olhar shows us the old Alcantâra like no other. If you have not seen it yet, vejam see it because it’s worth it. Really.



We continue to improve the reading of the play Carlos wrote. This time there were two new collaborators. André, from “Dá-te ao Condado”, and Mrs. Rosa Varanda, a participant of the visit, took the “stage” and gave voice to two characters. Núria and Adriana, two youngsters from Cabrinha, gave voice to the other two.




The day went by the best. It is always rewarding to run and show the territories where we work and help build what we believe in. And to this day no one has been indifferent. We do not hide that it feels good to receive people and to see them happy with what we do, even though it is not about us.

We hope to visit and be visited again by “Dá-te ao Condado”. It is from these exchanges that we grow, that we create new connections and join forces.

Let’s keep together.



We must once again thank the “Clube Desportivo Santo António de Lisboa” for their collaboration in providing space for lunch and to Mena, Cabrinha’s most beloved grandmother, for helping us with so much energy to put the whole crowd in order!

On the 27th we received our neighbors from “Bairro da Serafina”, from the Campolide Soma & Segue – E6G project. We will close this cycle in a great way.

See you soon!


Outros Campeonatos is a project by Academia Cidadã, that aims to promote active citizenship in Quinta do Cabrinha, Alcântara.

Funded by BIP/ZIP from the Municipality of Lisbon with the partnership of District Hall of Alcântara, the youth group “Winds of Change”, the National Association of Street Football and the Lisbon Sustainable Tourism.

Outros Campeonatos will contribute for the social fortification of the neighborhood, promoting community organization, capacity for local initiative and greater democratic awareness. It will also promote an opening of the neighborhood to society in general, reinforcing its integrity in the city. The main strategies of action will be street football and tourism. Street football events draw the inhabitants of the neighborhood to intervene and participate in its organization and implementation – with facilitation of tools and processes of organized citizen participation. Tourism helps rethinking the neighborhood, opening the community to new citizenship experiences.

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