Neighborhood Christmas (“Natal de Bairro”)

Good vibes to Cabrinha!…

… This is the Christmas wish of who have participated in one more street action of the project “Outros Campeonatos”, made by the Cabrinha community, for the Cabrinha community.


Natal de Bairro was made in several moments, each one contributing to the previous established goals: to develop collaborative working methods in the neighbourhood, to involve the Cabrinha inhabitants in a common action and to enrich the common spaces and public space of the neighbourhood.

Moment 1: TO PLAN

It was from the will and ideas of our participants that “Natal de Bairro” street action started to be developed: decided and prepared by the Cabrinha community, for the Cabrinha community. After a brain storm, it was determined that we would embellish all the neighbourhood with Christmas decorations, which elaboration would be the most participated as possible.



Moment 2: TO INVOLVE

Various forms were cut into cardboard, some related to the theme of Christmas (bells, gifts, candles, balls), others not so much (hearts, symbols of peace). Then we went to the neighbourhood: to the streets, to the cafés, the hairdresser and the grocery store, the institutions, door to door, we walked everywhere! We asked everyone we met to write, in card forms, a Christmas wish for Cabrinha. Everyone participated willingly, with sincere smiles and warm wishes!




Moment 3: TO SET

The third part of this action consisted in decorating the cardboard forms. Coloured papers and ribbons, skilful hands, lots of creativity and a few glitter were enough to make beautiful Christmas ornaments.




Moment 4: TO INSTALL

The fourth moment consisted in installing the objects that were built by everyone, as well as an explaining board of the action, all over Cabrinha neighbourhood: in the building doors, at the collectivities entrance and in institutions.



With the “Natal de Bairro” street action, Quinta do Cabrinha got, without a doubt, more beautiful and people a lot more smiling. We contributed for a collective self-esteem and for the harmonization of relationships. This is going somewhere!


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