Tomorrow and saturday come support LGBT rights | in Lisbon

 The common homophobia

In this month of Pride, the LGBT community has been affected by the terrorism horror and homophobia — in Orlando 12th June 2016: 50 people died but also a lot of people injured.

Our entourage often think it is getting better for this community. This tragic event shows that recent access to equal rights for LGBT does not erase homophobia, on the contrary.

Without education of the tolerance and a vision of life where gender would not be the center of education, things will not settle.

Citizen Academy invites you to support the LGBT community by participating in various upcoming events on the LGBT causes, as this gathering the 15th June in memory of the victims (Event Facebook). We also expect many of you during the pride march this Saturday, June 18th.

We will come out in the streets in the proudest manifestation and visibility of the capital. Under the tagline “We Celebrate Differences, Transcending Gender”.

#StopHomophobia  #FreeLove  #Equality

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