The Grand Tournament of Outros Campeonatos

The Grand Tournament of Outros Campeonatos was a great party. Throughout the morning was held the football tournament. In addition to the Outros Campeonatos – Quinta do Cabrinha team, five other street football teams participated: Desafios E6G (Mira-Sintra), O Companheiro, Bola Prá Frente E6G (Bairro Padre Cruz), Dá-te ao Condado E6G (Chelas), Clube Desportivo Santo António de Lisboa (Quinta do Cabrinha). At half-time, we were able to watch a demonstration of cinotecnia of the project Mão-Guia. The games ended with the first place awarded to Companheiro and the fair-play prize to Santo Antonio.


KidFun – Benfica Foundation


Recycling Olympics


In the afternoon there were many entertainment activities. The Benfica Foundation has brought its KidFun project; the Cabrinha young people organized the Recycling Olympics; during the whole afternoon there was a pool in front of the base space of the Outros Campeonatos; the We Hate Tourism Tours drove around Alcântara with the kids in a convertible jeep. There were also two exhibitions in the Cabrinha public space: Outros Campeonatos with a view over the city and the mapped Cabrinha – collective mappings in Quinta do Cabrinha. The lunch was a barbecue, prepared and served by members of the community (it helped raise funds for the informal group of young people of Cabrinha); the snacks were prepared by the Associação de Moradores do Bairro Padre Cruz (Residents’ Association of the Bairro Cruz). The party ended with the performances of the MCs Bambam, Gohu MBM, Miguel Sampaio, Maradona and others, all from Chelas.



It was a great party, with the participation of the entire community of Cabrinha, as well as inhabitants of the other neighborhoods around, and the invited neighborhoods. It would not have been possible without the support of the many partners involved, associations, informal groups and companies. As a result, the moment to thank has arrived.

We would like to thank all the members of the Quinta do Cabrinha community who helped us have such a good party. With good ideas and lots of initiative, they contributed to the great success that the party had. Then, we would like to thank the formal partners, the District Hall of Alcântara, the informal youth group of Cabrinha, the Lisbon Sustainable Tourism and the Associação Nacional de Futebol de Rua, who were tireless in their support in the preparation and implementation of the party. And finally, to a number of other entities that helped make the party even better: Delta Cafés, who made a donation in the form of water, juices and coffees; Decathlon, who made a donation in the form of sports equipment; the Talho Central de Alcântara (Central Fork of Alcântara) that also made a donation in form of a discount in the products bought there; the District Hall of Alcântara, which guaranteed the cleaning of the Cabrinha football field and surrounding streets, the transportation of security bays and the loan of tables and chairs; the Lisbon City Council, which lent security bins and containers to waste; the Associação de Moradores do Bairro Padre Cruz (Association of Residents of the Bairro Cruz Neighborhood) that brought at lot more snacks than those that were paid; the Fundação Benfica, for the activity that they brought and the association Mão-Guia, for the excellent exhibition.


This concludes the Outros Campeonatos project. We were very pleased to have done so, we hope to be able to return to work soon with the community of Quinta do Cabrinha, with whom we have learned so much over the last year.


See you soon!

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