Documentary + shortfilm + book: Masterclass Tourism & Gentrification 2


In recent years, Lisbon has become one of the European Cities with the larger tourism growth. Each year, 6 million people come to visit the Portuguese capital: 200.000 tourists every day. Tourism brings opportunities in a city heavily hit by global crisis: about 15% of Portugal domestic product and 8% jobs in Portugal, nowadays are related with tourism. But in the meanwhile, the city is basically disappearing: over the last 30 years, Lisbon lost about 300.000 inhabitants, vacancy rate in the traditional centre is over 40%, about 5.000 buildings are disused, and today only 12.000 persons live in the city center. In April 2016, STADSLAB (Urban Design Laboratory of Tilburg University – Amsterdam) organized an international Masterclass on City Making & Tourism Gentrification for professionals and graduates: the urban intervention case-study was focused on Mouraria, one of the oldest Lisbon’s neighborhood. Originated as a 13th century Moorish neighborhood and remained a marginal, multicultural and poor downtown area, nowadays, parts of Mouraria are already affected by tourism: cheap property prices and proximity to other tourist destinations raise realistic assumptions that Mouraria will soon face large influx of investment in real estate and tourism infrastructure. The opportunity is its economical development, but the risk is the lost of its identity.

A film by Fabio Petronilli – OUP once upon a place / films

STADSLAB – Masterclass on City Making & Tourism Gentrification – Lisbon, 15-22 April
in partnership with Academia Cidadã

MUSIC – “A Menina Dança” by Dead Combo (Tó Trips and Pedro V. Gonçalves)

STADSLAB – City Making & Tourism Gentrification Lisbon from Fabio Petronilli on Vimeo.



YOU’LL SOON BE HERE from Fabio Petronilli on Vimeo.


56 pages full-colour publication with results of the City-Making & Tourism Gentrification Master Class and essays by Miguel Coelho, Luis Mendes, Iago Lestegas, Joao Seixas, Igor Marko, Marc Glaudemans, Leonor Duarte and Joana Dias:

Booklet Masterclass Lisbon (english)

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2 thoughts on “Documentary + shortfilm + book: Masterclass Tourism & Gentrification

  • Amalia Do

    Obrigada pelo documentaria, é muito lindo e sobretudo muito interessante.
    Morei na Mouraria durante 6 meses em 2015, ainda nao voltei, isto da-me uma ideia da evoluçao e das problematicas que têm que ser realmente pensadas e resolvidas.
    Espero que Lisboa nao se perca.

  • Anna

    This is a very interesting documentary and it sheds light on a very current issue – well done!
    I really would like to know how the figure of 200.000 tourists daily has been formed? Can anyone help me with this?