Training Course – Active Citizenship (ROMANIA)

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Targoviste, Romania | 20th-29th August


The democratic future of a nation is an invaluable asset, and the involvement of young people in society is essential for the good functioning and continuity of democracy. Sociological research demonstrates that the largest segments of society with the greatest capacity for change are the young people. It depends on us, the adults, youth workers and educators the extent to which the young generation will be prepared to assume the responsibility of active participation in society.
Unfortunately, global statistics reveal the low interest of young people in democratic life, in knowledge of state institutions, citizens’ rights and freedoms, active participation and responsibility within the community. This things happens due to social inequity, poor governance in some, the social and economic crises, the huge differences between social classes, especially in Eastern countries. Young people have lost confidence and motivation to change something, only few of them believe that the future of society stand in their hands and act to change something.
The purpose of the Active Citizenship training course is to pay attention to this phenomenon, to mobilize youth workers to find solutions to raise awareness about the importance of democratic life for young people, to find methods to stimulate active participation and show the consequences of indifference and non-involvement in civic life.


  • To increase the level of knowledge about youth participation, and civic life;
  • To increase the level of knowledge about lobby and advocacy in the topic of active citizenship;
  • To strengthen the abilities of youth workers to choose, adapt and implement new non-formal education methods for motivate and encourage youth participation to civic life;
  • To create space for youth workers to conceive and develop project drafts on the topic of youth participation and civic life;
  • To develop cooperation between participating organizations by sharing experience on local, national and international youth policies;
  • To foster professional and persoanl development of youth workers.


32 youth leaders and youth workers (4 participants per each partner organization) older than 18 years old (no age limit) belonging to partner organizations, involved, interested and motivated to participate in the project. Participants are people who develop activities in the area of active citizenship and youth participation to democratic life who want to deepen their knowledge about active citizenship, youth participation, democracy and human rights.
Participants will come from Romania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Portugal and Slovak Republic.


Application deadline: 13/07/2018


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